August Family Weekend Camps

The Paradise Project, Cowden, Kent. TN8 7HG.

Focusing on Nature Connection in a beautiful Wildlife Refuge and Sanctuary, The Paradise Project is inspired to enliven our sensory heart-felt instinctive connection to Nature, within our own human sense of Community/Family, adults and children alike. m

At the heart of the Paradise Project is water, in all its mystery. Our bio-friendly swimming pool, The Paradise Pool, is home to dragon flies, waterboat men, nymphs, fearies and a myriad of plants and associates, keeping the water sweet and clear, soft and friendly to the touch. You can swim gently alongside these heavenly beings, sharing the space and experience, watching, wandering and recognising what we share and feel, swimming alongside them.

We are blessed with 3 acres of mixed pasture and woodland in the Eden Valley, Kent.

The pasture is primarily Flora and Fauna habitat with 10 level family camping pitches. Bring your own tents and make yourselves at home. There are showers and toilets.

The woodland provides shade and a base for our Kitchen and canteen as well as Forest School Activities – whittling, carving, weaving, felt, clay, play and creativity.

Cooking and Eating together is at the heart of connecting as a group and we offer  full communal vegetarian / vegan  catering facilities for the whole weekend. Bring your own plates and cutlery.

Activities for Adults; Swimming,  group singing, Forest School, exploring the local area, enjoying and foraging the fauna and flora, yoga, drumming, sharing, caring and playing.

Activities  for children. Supervised swimming, singing,  Forest School, exploring, enjoying and even foraging the fauna and flora, relaxing, sharing and playing.


£30 / adult / night  and £10 /child / night,  all included.

Dates and Times;

Fri 17, Sat 18 and Sun 19 August

Fri 24, Sat 25, Sun 26 and Mon 27 August.

Please arrive after 12 on the day you arrive and leave before 12 on the day you leave.

A bit more about The Paradise Project


4 miles outside Edenbridge, Kent, are 4 beautiful acre acres of pasture and woodland. A Permaculture small holding. The pastures and woodland have been managed to encourage wildlife diversity and are now home to a rich community of flora and Fauna.

At the heart of the Project is a regular concrete swimming pool, that was managed for many years with chlorine and algicides. 3 years ago we decided to convert the pool to a Biofriendly and sustainable system. We have designed a simple, bespoke method of keeping the water clean and clear, without any harmful chemicals or large energy inputs. It is beautifull, planted with reeds and irises, sweet flag and wildmints, a safe home to beneficial and fascinating waterboatmen and dragonfly larvae, tadpoles in spring. The water feels fresh and clean, sweet and natural. There is a cascade of gravel filter beds that helps the water keep its clarity and sparkle.  The whole thing is a miracle of simplicity and thoughtful design.

As the fires of global warming and climate change intensify around us conscious refuges and sanctuaries for wildlife are becoming of crucial importance. Habitat loss and species decline are real and happening and the work of encouraging people of all walks to understand and appreciate the majesty, brilliance and interdependence we share with our fellow Earthly Beings is at this critical point in time of immense global significance.

We believe strongly in the capacity for children and adults alike to feel inspired and nourished by being within a naturally rich and diverse, exciting environment and alongside creative and personal and shared experiences.

We want to give all our guests an experience that will charge their batteries as well as being great fun, deeply relaxing and personally stimulating.