Fireside Glamping

Fireside Glamping is the child of Fireside Forest School, also based at Westley Farm. Featring beautiful hand-built Sheek Shacks set in secluded clearings in 30 acres of Ancient Broadleaved Woodlands, our Glamping guests can book into any of our Forest School activities on the farm at a 20% discount.

The Fireside Philosophy is to help people relax and enjoy nature and deepen their love, respect and understanding of our extraordinarily beautiful world. We encourage people to engage with the environment, to look actively, listen actively and to be confident in their own instinctual knowledge and curiosity. We can help give you confidence, (and the right wood) to light your own fires and to feel cosy and at home, nestled snug in your nest in a dell in the forest. We want you to fall head over heels in love with nature and all who sail in her.

We can also organise bespoke short courses or events for small groups of children and adults on arrangement. Spoon carving ( nice for couples to explore the ancient theme of Love Spoons) , Basic Whittling and Greenwood work, Charcoal Making, Iron Age Blacksmithing, Felting, Weaving, Woodland Ceramics and Clay Modelling and the Art and Craft of Fearie Gardens and Well-Dressing.

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