There’s Spoons and Love Spoons…

The carving of wooden spoons is one of the most satisfying and rewarding crafts one can do. Immediately functional and a basic tool for life, the wooden spoon can come in all shapes and sizes, from the the big cooking spoon, the salad spoon, the porridge spoon and the first spoon for a new baby.

The Love Spoon is a spoon carved specifically as an emblem of ones readiness to enter into a nurturing relationship. Before the wedding ring (a symbol of ownership) became the norm, men would carve a wooden spoon for their bride as a demonstration that they were ready, willing and able to feed and care for them and their family.

Our spoon carving workshops are designed for men, women and couples who want to explore and demonstrate their readiness to take one of the biggest steps of their lives. Craftsman, Counsellor and father of 3, Piers Clifford will help you on this journey.

For more details, please call Piers Clifford on 07940 164363 or contact us via this form.