Family Days

We offer 8 Family Days every year to mark the 8 seasonal festivals that mark the changing seasons.

We loosely follow a Celtic pre-Christian tradition that attunes the rhythm of our lives with the changing seasons and the rest of nature. We aim for light hearted and fun days for families to meet, share and play, and welcome the change of season.

We ask for a contribution of £10 / person all of which is donated to 2 charities we support;

WomansAid – provide safe spaces and support for women and children in desperate circumstances. Women create  the children who use our school and it’s our way of saying thank you.

Tree Aid – supports the planting and maintainance of trees, and the communities that shelter under them, in desertified and depleted areas of the world. We love Trees.

The 8 Festivals;

Imbolc –  1st Feb. Candlemass, snow drops and the first stirings of spring.

Ostara – 21st March.  Spring equinox. Equal day and night, Spring is definitely here.

Beltane – 1st May.  Mayday and the beginning of summer, flowers and fertility abound.

Litha – june 21st.  Summer Solstice, the longest day.  High summer and fragrant sunsets.

Lunasa – 1st Aug. The Harvest Festival. Hot days and the season of growing and ripening.

Mabon – 21st Sept.  Autumn equinox, equal day and night again, summer is ending.

Samhain – 31st Oct.  Halloween, the spiders are nesting and hiding from the coming cold.

Yule  21st Dec. Winter Solstice – the birth of the sun for the coming year.

Our Family Days happen on the closest Saturday to each festival and we hope to build up a routine and hopefully consistent groups. It is a good opportunity for children to show their parents the site and teach them some skills for a change!